Vision & Mission

Where We're Going // How We're Getting There

Vision: Christ-centered communities cultivating compassion for the city

Mission: Together, we are increasingly submitting all of life to the authority of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, while helping others do the same, in order to represent God to the world.


Our Distinctives

We already have a King.

His name is Jesus. Not a pastor or a worship leader. Our family is daily challenged to worship Christ and make His name known over any other.

We love people over programs.

We want to meet people where they are and do things FOR PEOPLE. We have some programs in place, but they are always open to change because we value what our people need as we continue on a journey.

We practice collaboration not competition.

We aren’t in this to win a race. We want to partner with other church families and organizations in Conway to grow the Kingdom. We are better together than on our own!

We refuse to play it safe.

We want to be open when we feel God moving, even if it is big and bold! We have seen God transform our community because we have said YES to crazy or big ideas!

We are mobilizing an army, not building an audience.

We are all wired in a different way & we want to help you discover what your part is so that you can play the game.

We submit all of life to Jesus.

We believe Jesus is king over all areas - that can be where we work, where we live, or where we play. We want Jesus to guide us in every area of our lives.


We are Gospel-Driven
As followers of Jesus, everything we do (home, work, and play) must be driven by the good news of who Jesus is and what he has done. The gospel drives us to follow Jesus and help others to do the same in all areas of life.


We are Spirit-led

Jesus told his followers that the Spirit of God would guide them. As his followers today, we believe the Spirit of God lives in us, and with his power, we can be obedient to Jesus’ commands here and now.



We are Together

We were not designed to follow Jesus alone. It’s only together that we can be and do what God has designed us for. Together, we seek to engage the world around us with the good news of Jesus.



We are Generous

Jesus was a man of great compassion, loving those around him, and as his followers we are called to be compassionate too, showing love in action, to the world around us. Jesus’ compassion led to his generosity. As Jesus’ followers, we are called to be generous as well.



We are Joy-Filled

We can always be filled with joy because of who Jesus is and what he has done for us. Even when the battles of life rage around us, we will choose to fight for joy because we are loved and valued by God.



What do we do?

Our Habits


Sunday Gatherings aren't what it's all about, but they are important times to come together and be equipped and encouraged.

Our family also gathers in many other times and ways across the city throughout the week.


Ministry isn't the work of professionals. We believe that every follower of Jesus is called to go and bring good news to the places they live, work, and play.


As a family, we are called to be generous with our time, talents, and possessions. Our generosity is a response to the generosity of God. It is our privilege to use what we have to bless our city and care for each other's burdens.


We value grace-driven growth towards maturity in Christ. Together, we strive to grow in the gospel and to apply its truths to our everyday lives.



Worship Gatherings

Sundays at 9:30am & 11:00am

766 Harkrider St. Conway, AR 72032

(501) 313-0802

Mailing Address

PO Box 2592

Conway, AR 72033