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Followers of Jesus cannot live healthy lives in isolation. Christ has called each of us to share our lives with fellow believers. This devotion to enjoying Jesus together is what we call
Biblical Community.


We believe the calling to Biblical Community is personal to each follower of Jesus.

We want to help you find, or create, the Biblical Community to which God has called you to engage. You can do it, we can help.

Where do I begin?

1. Do you have close relationships with any other followers of Jesus?
If God has already placed other believers in your life, why try to create something new? Get your people together, read Acts 2:42-47 together, and ask the question, "What must we do to devote ourselves to living this way."

2. Do you have close relationships with a group of people who need to follow Jesus?
Your current community can become Biblical Community, and God may be calling you to be the one to lead your people to Him! Share the Gospel with your community, and pray that they will find new life through Jesus Christ. 

We recommend that you also seek relationships with mature followers of Jesus through our discipleship avenues Training Camp and Titus 2 while you seek to reach your community with the Gospel of Jesus.

3. Are you new to this family of believers?
If the answer to questions 1 & 2 are "no". That's okay! Many members of our church family have moved from other cities or have lost connection to their communities. We want to help you get connected.

We want to encourage you toward two different things:
First, get involved and pray for God to connect you with other members of this church body. There's a reason that you connected with that person! God may be calling you to enjoy Jesus together!

Second, join us for Connect Brunch. This brunch is designed to help connect people to this church family. At Connect Brunch, we can hear your story and help guide you toward finding, or creating, Biblical Community. Many people in our church family have sat down at a Connect Brunch table with strangers with whom they created a new Biblical Community! 

4. Check out an Acts 2 Group

Biblical Community is not bound to a church program. Many of our members have found Biblical Community in their discipleship groups or serve teams. But for some, Acts 2 Groups are the answer.  Acts 2 groups are simple, a group of people who have devoted themselves to living out Acts 2. We have groups of all ages, who meet in various places, at various times. Our church staff would love to help get you connected to an Acts 2 Group!

Acts 2 Groups are families of people learning to follow Jesus together and helping others to do the same. Like families, they gather together at different times and places throughout the week to enjoy Jesus together.

Acts 2 Groups aren’t about adding another thing to your already-busy life; they’re about taking the space God has already given you and using it to show others who he is and what he has done.​

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