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I will obey the command of Jesus found in Matthew 4:19 when Jesus said,

1. Follow me,

2. and I will make you

3. fishers of men.

I will habitually engage in the discipleship process as I:

1. Spend time with Jesus 

2. Become like Jesus 

3. Do what Jesus did.

It is my personal responsibility to follow Jesus and be actively pursuing discipleship in my life. I commit to living in biblical community and financially supporting my church family by tithing of my resources and giving to others when there is a need.

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We devote ourselves to the values we find in Acts 2:42-47. We are open to correction when we stray from these values:

  1. We are Gospel Driven

  2. We are Spirit-led

  3. We are Better Together

  4. We are Generous

  5. We are a Joy-Filled Family

Just like the early church, we will commit to being present in one another’s lives by faithfully attending both the temple (public gatherings) and the table (within one another’s homes). We will hold fast to our confession and will not be led astray by false doctrines. We will, with the entirety of our lives, enjoy Jesus together.


We will see our city become more like Heaven. Jesus will be king where we live, work, and play.

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